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Does your business require the assistance of business consultants in Brisbane or Gold Coast area? Beware not all business consultants are created equally. Finding a high-class business consultant can be extremely difficult particularly when you do not know what you are looking for. Here are a few useful tips that will assist in your decision making process.

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Experience vs Qualifications

Most businesses make their decision of selecting a business consultant primarily on experience. Although this may sound counter intuitive, basing your decision solely on experience is dangerous. After all, experience is based on a historical track record. I am not saying that experience should be discounted but it does need to be looked at in conjunction with the qualifications of the consultant.


What does this all mean?  A business consultant in Brisbane with 20 years’ experience certainly sounds enticing. However, it does raise the question of what is relevant experience. 20 years ago the Internet was essentially unheard of; 10 years ago, computers and electronic funds transfers became main-stream in businesses. Five years ago, Internet shopping became a major problem for retailers; recently the Chinese are promising to be a world power in years to come. You can argue the time line but it cannot be argued that how businesses operate changes over time.  What this all means is experience is only useful if it is relevant today. Consider the fast pace of society today, relevant experience of a business consultant could be argued to be only 2 to 5 years. Think about how much your business has changed in the last 5 years!


The other part of the equation that is often forgotten when selecting a business consultant is there qualifications. In my opinion, the business consultant should have a minimum of an MBA (Master in Business Administration) or equivalent because this type of qualification provides the consultant with tools, strategies and understanding that change is inevitable.  This assists both the business and the consultant to grow and prosper with change. The other major advantage of a MBA is it provides the business consultant with a breadth of knowledge. The trend in today’s society is to specialize into niche areas allowing for businesses to become extremely knowledgeable in a particular discipline, for example a Marketing Consultant. Unfortunately becoming too specialized can lead to being self-serving and losing the focus of the bigger picture.


You should not be settling for a substandard consultant that is promising all of the gimmicks. After all this is your business, your livelihood and your future success.


Business Acceleration is a consultancy business working with small business in Brisbane and Gold coast area. We provide the following advice for businesses that are requiring the services of consultants with relevant experience and qualifications. In the following areas;

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Employee performance
  • Business Systems


How we do business? We do not sell pre-packaged programs/gimmicks that a business does not need.We sit and talk with the business so that we can gain a good understanding of what is required for the business to continually grow. From this discussion we will develop a proposal that will list the goals, actions and coaching that we believe will get the business on track. We tailor our solution to your needs.

To discuss what we can do for your business today, no obligation first visit, contact us.


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